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flash U-boot to NOR flash in P1022DS

Question asked by HU DI on Jun 4, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2013 by Marius Grigoras

    I have installed the CW for power Architecture V10.3 and I 

want to flash the NOR flash in P1022DS  board with USB TAP,I

know the NOR flash is S29GL01GP and I have found this chip on

my board.But I don't know how to set the base address,target

RAM address and size,when I add the program/verify action,how

can I specified the memory range and address offset.

          I use the board 2010 freescale P1022DS ULTRA v3,and

the uboot-P1022DS-git-r24.bin.I want to flash this uboot on my

board.I want to have some serial output when I have finished

flashing and boot the board.How can I set the DIP switch?

          I have been blocked by this problem for three days,and I

want some advice.Thanks~~