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Can't program new KL2 devices with ulink2 and uvision

Question asked by Joel Brinton on Jun 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2013 by Joel Brinton

I seem to be able to connect to any freescale board that's already been programmed, like the 10-pin SWD connector on the Freedom board. But I have a custom board with a 10k pull-up and 10nF cap on the reset. Upon flashing, erasing, or debugging I get "SWD Communications Failure". On my board I notice that the reset line is oscillating. Reading previous posts an FAE reported that this is expected behavior on new devices since the flash is initialized to all 0xFF. Here's the things I've tried:


- with and without 10k pull-up on SWDIO

- 10nF, 1uF and no capacitor on bRESET

- at least 10 new KL25Z128VFM4 devices


My schematic is identical to the Freedom board KL2 except that the KL2 is unprogrammed. Strangely at one point my board programmed and I was using it for a few hours. Then it stopped working and again I got a "SWD Communication Failure".


I've read through every post in this forum regarding Kinetis devices. It appears to be something about the KLx initial condition that prevents it from communicating. But I have yet to find a solution on the ulink2.


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