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How to reflash or recovery initial bootloader(SPI-NOR flash) on IMX6 Sabrelite platform

Question asked by siva kumar on May 29, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2014 by OtavioSalvador

Hi All,


When we tried to update the initial boot loader(u-boot) on IMX6 sabrelite quad core platform, some how SPI-NOR flash completely erased and not yet recovered.

We have followed some of the links which is mentioned below to recovery the SPI-NOR boot loader, but we haven't succeeded and we struck at this step. And in this case on serial window nothing has displayed once power up the IMX6 board.


i.MX6x SABRE Lite SPI Flash Recovery - Linux on ARM - eewiki



Can any one help on this, how to get back the board into normal mode working mode.


Your suggestions are very helpful for us.


Thanks all in advance.


Thanks & Regards