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download fails using the upgrader

Question asked by Arjun Rath on May 29, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2013 by GraceH

I am building the for imx28 based on Linux version and the download always fails.I customized the rootfs.tar.bz2 to minimum.And i am using the and ucl.xml released by freescale.Below is the debug message when the download gets fail


check_parameters:UTP settings are in place now, overriding defaults

g_file_storage gadget: File-backed Storage Gadget, version: 20 November 2008

g_file_storage gadget: Number of LUNs=1

fsl-usb2-udc: bind to driver g_file_storage

mice: PS/2 mouse device common for all mice

usbcore: registered new interface driver usbhid

usbhid: USB HID core driver

RAMDISK: gzip image found at block 0

g_file_storage gadget: high speed config #1

VFS: Mounted root (ext2 filesystem) on device 1:0.

Freeing init memory: 128K

starting pid 1000, tty '': '/etc/rc.d/rcS'

Mounting /proc and /sys

Setting the hostname to freescale

Mounting filesystems

mount: mounting shm on /dev/shm failed: No such file or directory

mount: mounting rwfs on /mnt/rwfs failed: No such file or directory

Starting UTP

ln: /etc/mtab: File exists

disable turn off display

uuc 0.4 [built May 21 2013 18:27:53]

UTP: Waiting for device to appear

utp_mk_devnode: creating node '/dev/utp' with 10+222

cpu_id is 28

Alignment trap: not handling swp instruction

Alignment trap: not handling instruction e1001092 at [<c028d40c>]

Unhandled fault: alignment exception (0x801) at 0xc0380e25

Internal error: : 801 [#1]

last sysfs file: /sys/devices/virtual/misc/utp/dev

CPU: 0    Not tainted  ( #44)

PC is at mutex_lock+0x14/0x24

LR is at do_scsi_command+0x5d4/0x1c34

pc : [<c028d410>]    lr : [<c0243e80>]    psr: 60000013

sp : c77b7e98  ip : c77b7ea8  fp : c77b7ea4

r10: c7793400  r9 : 00000000  r8 : 00000000

r7 : c0380e15  r6 : 00000001  r5 : c0380e25  r4 : c774f8c0

r3 : 00000030  r2 : 00000000  r1 : c77b097e  r0 : c0380e25

Flags: nZCv  IRQs on  FIQs on  Mode SVC_32  ISA ARM  Segment kernel

Control: 0005317f  Table: 47228000  DAC: 00000017

Process file-storage-ga (pid: 969, stack limit = 0xc77b6270)

Stack: (0xc77b7e98 to 0xc77b8000)

7e80:                                                       c77b7f14 c77b7ea8

7ea0: c0243e80 c028d40c c77b7ed4 c77b7eb8 c003e6a8 c007193c c7793478 c77b0960

7ec0: c777b700 c0321de0 c77b7efc c77b7ed8 c028cc78 c003e678 c77b7f14 c77b6000

7ee0: c7793400 00000002 c7793478 c77bc000 c7793400 00000001 c7793478 00000000

7f00: 00000000 c77b6000 c77b7fc4 c77b7f18 c0246408 c02438bc c779347c 00000000

7f20: 0000000a 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 c7c24038 c0327900 c7c24030

7f40: c77b7f64 c77b7f50 c003ddb4 c7c2601c c777b700 00000017 c032fd3c c77b6000

7f60: c77b7f84 c77b7f70 c032fd3c c7c24000 c77b7f9c c77b7f80 c003e6a8 c007193c

7f80: c005b224 00000000 c777b700 c7c24000 c77b7fc4 c77b7fa0 c028cc78 c003e678

7fa0: c77b7fcc c7c27ee0 c7793400 c0245db0 00000000 00000000 c77b7ff4 c77b7fc8

7fc0: c0056e58 c0245dc0 00000000 00000000 c77b7fd0 c77b7fd0 c7c27ee0 c0056dd4

7fe0: c00456a8 00000013 00000000 c77b7ff8 c00456a8 c0056de4 aaaa2a8b aba2a2a2


[<c028d3fc>] (mutex_lock+0x0/0x24) from [<c0243e80>] (do_scsi_command+0x5d4/0x1c34)

[<c02438ac>] (do_scsi_command+0x0/0x1c34) from [<c0246408>] (fsg_main_thread+0x658/0x9ec)

[<c0245db0>] (fsg_main_thread+0x0/0x9ec) from [<c0056e58>] (kthread+0x84/0x8c)

[<c0056dd4>] (kthread+0x0/0x8c) from [<c00456a8>] (do_exit+0x0/0x5d8)

r7:00000013 r6:c00456a8 r5:c0056dd4 r4:c7c27ee0

Code: e92dd800 e24cb004 e3a02000 e1001092 (e3510001)

---[ end trace 3289c2524bba641a ]---


Any suggestion will be helpful


Arjun Kumar Rath