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p2040 sgmii mode rcw settings

Question asked by Dick Ginther on May 29, 2013
Latest reply on May 29, 2013 by lunminliang

I am confused about the setting for SRDS_RATIO_B1, SRDS_DIV_B1, SRDS_RATIO_B2 and SRDS_RATIO_B2 in the P2040 RCW.  I am using all five SGMII interfaces and have the SRDS_PRTCL set to 0x14.  I have 125MHz on both SD_REF_CLK1 and SD_REF_CLK2 inputs.  In the notes for SRDS_DIV_1/2 it

states "lanes configured as SGMII operate at 1.25Gbps regardless of the corresponding SRDS_DIV_B1 settings."


For SGMII interfaces are the SRDS_RATIO_B1/B2 settings also invalid?  Does the chip just use the 125MHz input and automatically use a 10:1 ratio for SGMII?