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Does anybody managed CAN networking with TRK-MPC6534M EVB?

Question asked by olivier kieffer on May 29, 2013



I can't get CAN to work. The board has a MPC5634m + SBC 33903 for CAN communication.

I've powered the board with 12V, supply source is is to SBC, SBC is in DBG mode, there is 5V on 5V-CAN pin of the SBS.

The board is terminated (60-Split-60) and I connected an PEAK CAN-USB on the other side that I terminated as well with 120Ohm.


I've used the sample application from the cookbook (100kb/s) for the MCU, but the ESR register is indicating BUS OFF.

This is working in loopback mode.


The only signal I see on the CAN_A_Tx pin is the atteched one (blue trace), which I think correspond to BUS ERROR recovery, isn't it?


Thanks for your help.