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Partition xxx has been exhausted

Discussion created by Tobias Bystricky on May 29, 2013


I found the following error in the MQX task error overview:

Warning: Partition 0x1fffbfe0 has been exhausted                                     
Warning: Partition 0x1fffcfa0 has been exhausted  




Overview of the partitions:

Partition                    Type                         Block Size
0x1fffbfe0                   Dynamic                      0xc0
0x1fffcfa0                   Dynamic                      0x170
0x1fffd710                   Dynamic                      0x30
0x1fffd820                   Dynamic                      0x30
0x1fffd900                   Dynamic                      0x40
0x1fffef40                   Dynamic                      0x50
0x1ffff130                   Dynamic                      0x30
0x1ffff2a0                   Dynamic                      0x30
0x1ffff410                   Dynamic                      0x20
0x1ffff540                   Dynamic                      0x20


Now the question. Who is creating these partitions and is there a way to manipulate these partitions? And last but not least is that an error critical?


Maybe there is a relation to the following thread:


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