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iMX28: GPIO2_14 and GPIO2_24

Question asked by Gonzalo Fernandez on May 28, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2013 by Gonzalo Fernandez
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Hi all,


I'm copying some parts of the iMX28evk into my custom design based on a iMX283 and have some doubts about these 2 signals:


- GPIO2_14: is the HEADPHONE_DETECT signal

- GPIO2_24: is the WALL_5V_IN detection signal


After greping the source code (PINID_SSP1_DATA0 & PINID_SSP3_SCK) I haven't been able to find any palce where they are used.

I'm specially concerned with the use of GPIO2_24, since it could be involved in the reliable operation on a 5V source only. I've also tried to find this signal in imx-bootlets but upto now, with no success.


Does anyboby know where are these signals used?