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where can I find correct driver for unit_tests?

Question asked by lee seungik on May 28, 2013



I am trying to test some module on sabrelite board.

because of the size issue I have to use small fs so I use compact buildroot fs.

I found unit_tests source file but can't find correct driver to use unit_tests app.

for example, to test mxc_i2c_test

32         i2c_file = open("/dev/mxc_test", O_RDWR);

33         if (i2c_file < 0) {

34                 printf("Open failed\n");

35                 exit(-1);

36         }


38         /* Enable the CSI clock */

39         ioctl(i2c_file, MXCTEST_I2C_CSICLKENB, &i2c_test);

where can I find these information of /dev/mxc_test or MXCTEST_I2C_CSICLKENB ... and so on ..