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p2040 booting from spi flash

Question asked by Dick Ginther on May 28, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2013 by Adrian Stoica

I am starting a new design and want to use a SPI flash for the RCW, PBI and to hold a u-boot image.  I have set up the cfg_rcw_src[0:4] hardware pins and now I am filling in the 512 bits of the RCW.  The PBI_SRC is set to 0101b for SPI 24-bit addressing but I am confused about the BOOT_LOC field as there does not appear to be a SPI option.  I would like to know what I should use for these 4 bits so that it boots properly.


I have examined the start_here.html document in SDK v1.2.3 which seems to outline what I would like to do but details are sparse on how to generate the PBL image to do what I want.


Any help on this is much appreciated.  Thanks.