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Is there anyway to measure the power consumption of the processor?

Question asked by Ram Prasadh on May 28, 2013

Hi all,


I wanted to measure the power consumed by a processor. Providing a constant supply voltage and a constant frequency for operation,I think that the factor on which the power varies is only the current consumed by it. Suppose If I an running a very complex code, like say image processing stuffs, the overhead of the processor will be maximum. It means , with a constant supply voltage and a constant frequency from the crystal,the only factor which might increase the power consumption is the current flowing to the processor(I am not sure if this is the only one).Is there anyway to measure the current consumed by the processor? If there is one, How do i do that?  From where should I probe for the consumed current? The specs have already been given in the data sheets. But how do we measure that manually?There must be a way by which the designers of a processor must have drawn these conclusions on the power ratings of a processor. How do they do it?