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'struct' size problem

Question asked by sebasira on May 28, 2013
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I'm used to work with structures, my whole application is based on them. Now I'm porting this 'old' app from HCS12 to K60... It's a HUGE change but it is not far for being over.


I've got a structure defined like this:


typedef struct{

      word mov;

      byte addressRx;

      byte addressTx;

      byte tipoReloj;

      byte empty[3];        // 3 empty bytes so the whole size is 4bytes-aligned



The problem is that every parameter inside this structure has a size of 4bytes instead of 2bytes for 'word' and 1byte for 'byte'. In HCS12 wich is a 16bit MCU I don't have this problem but I do in K60 wich is 32bits.

What can I do so the size of each parameter would be as expected?

Thanks in advance!!!

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