Eric Glass

Load Memory Error in CW Starcore 2.7.3

Discussion created by Eric Glass on Jul 12, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2007 by CrasyCat
As the title suggests, I'm running CW Starcore 2.7.3.  I have a CW USB Tap that is used to debug a MSC7116 chip.  After loading the debug code, I attempt to load raw data into some free memory.  I have the correct memory address, size, file name, etc. as confirmed on another computer.  However, when I attempt to make the write, I get a "Memory write verification failed" error, then a "Load Memory failure."  The rest of the message says:
Error:  Writemem on target failed.
Address:  0x20400000
Size:  0x400
An interesting note is that no matter the size (in this case, I had 111524 for the size), the error message will always return 0x400 as the size.  Any suggestions?
Thanks for your help in advance.