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i.mx6s Custom Board booting problem

Question asked by Leonardo Polito on May 27, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2013 by Yuri Muhin

Hello all,


I've made a custom board with i.mx6 solo and i'm encountering some problems to make it boot!


Powrers and clocks are ok, BOOT_CFG are 0/0 and USB SERIAL DOWNLOADER is correctly prompted when attached to pc!

Uploading trough USB is fine (just doing boot and jump) but nothing happens after "jump" on the console neither on several clock pins (that remains high pulled).


After had same situation with several u-boot images (precompiled from freescale and my own), I think that there is some problem on DDR3.


So I made a little u-boot image and I'm trying to load it to OCRAM (TEXT_BASE = 0x009077e0), but nothng is happening the same, so the problem must be elsewhere!


Can you help me to find a way to make it boot?


Really thanks!