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Question about MQX_Lite and Kinetis MK10DN512ZVLL10

Question asked by stockfrançois on May 27, 2013
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                   I'm student and I want to use MQX_Lite or MQX on a personal board which contains a kinetis microncontrôleur MK10DN512ZVLL10. But create my personal board with using tutorial hasn't work. And as I use MQX_Lite, I can't not always compile the project and launch it. I become the following error "failed to resume target process. Could not open memory configuration files"


                   Adding to that things, I can't open a new MQX_Lite project, the option "New" -> "MQX Lite Project" has already disapear from the tree menu.


I hope somebody, will answer to me request !


Thanks in advance




PS: I have already post this request in french.