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#define RTCSCFG_ENABLE_ICMP 0 //still has ICMP

Question asked by Carl Norman on May 26, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2013 by Martin Latal



I have an application that I have ported from MQX3.7 to MQX4.0 and the project with no change grew 25KB and overflowed my flash allocation. Basically the project is:

Codewarrior 4





First thing I did was looked at my map and realised ICMP functions, although disabled, are there, is this normal?


In my user_config I have

#define RTCSCFG_ENABLE_ICMP      0



Then I rebuild PSP, BSP, RTCS and I get the following lines taking up a huge amount of code space:



3003FF5C 0000006C .text   ICMP_init

(rtcs.a icmp_c.o       )

  3003FFC8 00000776 .text   ICMP_service(rtcs.a icmp_c.o       )
  3004073E 0000059A .text   ICMP_send_error_internal(rtcs.a icmp_c.o       )
  30040CD8 00000048 .text   ICMP_send_error(rtcs.a icmp_c.o       )


Not sure why my program grew 25KB with a simple MQX3.7 to MQX4.0 port? I know I did turn off register coloring because MQX4.0 has stack optimisation issues for release versions.


Anyone know of what else is causing my 25KB overhead?