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TWR-MPC8309 local bus

Question asked by bbutler on May 26, 2013
Latest reply on May 27, 2013 by lunminliang

I am trying to determine if I can use the TWR-MPC8309 local bus to connect to a TWR-LCD module and to my custom peripherals. Looking at the schematic, they don't make sense to me:


- Data bits 0-7 seem to be reversed. MPC_LBC_D0 is hooked to bus D7, MPC_LBC_D7 is connected to bus D0, etc.

- Address bits are likely strange MPC address bits 25 downto 6 are connected to bus address bits 0 to 19. The address bit numbers don't even match.

- Shouldn't the signals on the backplane be connected to the multiplexed bus (the MPC_LBC_LAD* signals) instead of the demultiplexed signals?


Am I just missing something? I'm not seeing much documentation on the MPC8309 module, so I'm having to make a lot of guesses based on what I'm seeing in the schematics.