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mx53 EGL_BAD_ALLOC on gpu_sdk_1008 samples

Question asked by Tommaso Dal Pozzo on May 25, 2013
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I'm trying the samples of gpu_1008_sdk on my mx53 QSB, FS generated by LTIB with FSLGNOME profile.

So, with fbdev all is ok.

With X11, I always get EGL_BAD_ALLOC on this call (the code here is from lesson02_imx.c, but all samples get me that error)

eglsurface = eglCreateWindowSurface(egldisplay, eglconfig, window, NULL);

I also tried to modify the startx script in order not to create the desktop etc... with no better results.

Is there any thing to be changed in these scripts? How should I start X server?

Is normal that with lsmod I don't see any module? I used FSLGNOME profile within LTIB and GNOME works ok.

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