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To Forum:


I have received assistance from several Forum members and thought it was time to contribute something.


Several Forum Questions were 'where to but a XEP100 Demo PCB compatible with Code Warrior (CW)'. I know

of two, one from SofTec and one from Technologocal Atrs. I purchased on from the latter and it works fine,

although a USBMD Translator download is required to be compatible with TecArts Serial Interface.


I have experienced several problems with theXGATE Ref Manual. It is poorly written, contains errors and requires

a major rewrite. Once these pitfalls are over comeXGATE  Excels as a Serial Interface (reducing CPU overhead

as Freescale insinuates).


However Freescale offers no examples of using XGATE as a Serial Controller (Except for one that is totally

useless) and several Forum questions have asked for valid examples. I had the need to translate an Industrial

Communication program to XGATE, in case a HCS12(X) MPU could be used to replace and existing MPU.

At the request of serval embedded programmer friends I extracted a simple XGATE Transceiver program and

rewrote it as a Tutorial. They, and several others, have stated this took some of the mystery (and errors) out of

the RM, was the only example program they could find, and suggest that I provide it on the Forum.


The attached ASSEMBLY Language CWv5.1 Project using PE's Full Simulation Model that requires no MPU.

Although it is simple and can be improved it demonstrates all procedures necessary for a full blown Transceiver.

It is offered as is and you may bend it, stable it, modify it or kill it as you desire.

I welcome any comment the Forum may have (except spelling).


I have enclosed a ZIP and aRAR file, both are identical.

I have updated the Directory of the files as of 1:30 25 May - You should download the new Enclosures...




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