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4,3" Display Driver ( 480x272 ) for i.MX28

Question asked by ChangLui on May 25, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2014 by Yixing Kong

Hi all,


we want to connect a 4,3" Display ( 480x272 ) to i.MX28 Eval Board with WinCE6.

The hardware we could check with a "eboot_ivbt". The boot logo is correctly shown on 4,3" Display

during eboot.


Inside FreeScale WinCE6 BSP there a two display drivers :

     LMS430HF02   :     "GUID"="{1ED47D96-6842-4c20-8705-BF05AD0DFC33}"

     43WVF1G       :      "GUID"="{83A0FF68-78BB-4DF5-8DEB-077961EE75BC}"


I have modified the LMS430 driver for our DOTCLK_... & PIXEL_CLOCK data and have set :


Over DEBUG-UART it is shown that LMS430HF02 is loaded correctly.


But sometimes only VSYNC or sometimes only HSYNC is output. Sometimes the data are not output.

( measured with oscilloscope ). I have never seen a correct picture.


Our question :   What can we do to get the LMS430 driver inside WinCE6 BSP working ?


Thank you

Best regards