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EWARM keeps building project, refuse to download.

Question asked by Kai Liu on May 24, 2013
Latest reply on May 29, 2013 by Kai Liu

I downloaded latest Freescale USB stack v4.1.1 to compare its source to v4.0.3 for evaluating the improvement. After installation, I found my EWARM operates wired.


The normal process is:

  • Open one project (EWW), modify some configurations like debugger and etc.
  • Rebuild project
  • Download and debug


Current issue is:

No matter I use "Make", "Clean",Rebuild", the FLASH\OBJ files will be generated contionously.

For example, I "clean" project, it reports clean. Then I clean gain, it shows more files can be cleaned.

So I watch the these folders. When I cleaned the source, it is empty, then the objects files appears again !

When I try to download, the red * marks the objects are dirty. EWARM starts to build and build and refuse to download.


I realized that is a virus or malware. Maybe it is related to new USB stack (since it is the one of the downloaded files yesterday), maybe not.


But it is really a bad news for me, I have to reinstall OS if all the AVs are failed to found out.