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CodeWarrior for MCU v10.3 and JTAG chain with USB Multilink Universal

Discussion created by Djuro Drljaca on May 24, 2013
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Does CodeWarrion and/or USB Multilink Universal support programming/debugging in a JTAG chain?


We have a PXD1010 microcontroller and a STM32F microcontroller (ARM cortex m3) connected in a chain. When we tried to program/debug STM32F microcontroller using J-Link and IAR Workbench it detected that there are 2 devices in the chain but it was able to find the correct chip (STM32F) and program it and start a debug session. Then we removed J-Link and connected USB Multilink to the board to the same JTAG connector and tried to program the PXD1010 chip, but it didn't work. Multilink wasn't able to connect to PXD1010.


Is there something that can be done regarding this?