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Regarding Profiling in MPC8313E RDB

Question asked by Mathews M Philip on May 23, 2013
Latest reply on May 27, 2013 by Mathews M Philip

Dear All,

I am using code warrior IDE version 5.9.0 (Evaluation version) for MPC 8313E RDB. When i used the example code for profiling (Freescale\CodeWarrior PA V8.8\(CodeWarrior_Examples)\PowerPC_EABI\SimpleProfiler),I am getting the profile time,average,maximum etc as Zeros.


Can you please give me the reasons for this.


These are the steps we followed

We linked the profiler library Profiler.Dwarf2.BE.UC.a .

DWARF settimg :  DWARF 2.x

Byte Ordering : Big endian.


The readme says this example is customized for MPC8555 CDS board.

Whether we can use the same example for MPC8313E RDB??



Please help us in this regard as this info is very critical to our project.



Thanks in advance