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Programing bootloader into nandflash using imx27

Question asked by Zhang Jay on May 23, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2013 by shinengsong
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Dear all,

I'm newbie here for programing boot image into nandflash by using imx27.

In our project, the hardware, so I should programing the bootloader image into flash to boot our board.

In our board

CPU               imx27

Nandflash       K9F2G08U0B


I download the new version Advanced ToolKit, refer the user guider and select the correct nand flash type,

I always get the error message:

Connection error. Please reset the board and make sure the board in bootstrap mode.


I have check the bootstrap mode that the boot0-3 pin is low.

In our board the CPU and NAND FLASH are both empty(never programing anything before), what can I do with this issue?


I check the issue from Internet, others had used the H-JTAG to program the bin file into nandflash, I have payed it online, but I have not get it.But I will try by that.

Is there anyone can give some advice.


Thanks anyway!