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Freescale MQX Remote Debug Tool / EDS Client

Question asked by rick101 on May 22, 2013
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Hi All


I'm trying to find more information on / implement embedded MQX Remote Debugging using Ethernet.


EDS Client / Server is referenced in the following Freescale MQX's documentation "Freescale Real-Time Operating System User Guide" and "Freescale MQX RTCS User guide"


"MQX Host Tools User’s Guide — describes how to use MetaDeveloper plugins, including the Design Tool rapid-prototyping tool, the MQX Builder user-configurable MQX-porting tool (for ARCtangent processors only), the Performance Tool analyzer, the MQX™ EDS™ Client remote monitoring tool, and Task Aware Debug for SeeCode™ and other debuggers."

Question 1 - I can't find "MQX Host Tools User’s Guide" anyone know where I can get this from


“Using the EDS server in the target code and using the EDS client (Freescale MQX Remote Debug Tool)”

Question 2 – Anyone know where I can get the “Freescale MQX Remote Debug Tool” ?


We are using Code Warrior 10.3 for the Power Architecture (Not MCU)


Thanks Rick