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USB mass storage host

Discussion created by Martin Dusek on May 22, 2013
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is there anyone who managed to get USB mass storage host on Kinetis MCU reliably working?


I use Freescale USB stack 4.0.3 on bare metal K70. I managed to get working my USB host with most of sticks I have but I don't have the feeling that the application will work realiably.


I think kinetis USB host driver (khci_kinetis.c) is not written very well. I can see two main problems:


1) Changing CPU clock speed means that some sticks stops working with USB host.

2) Every transaction is once to 4 times nacked before the stick acknowledges it. I think it's a bug in driver, not problém of USB stick itself.

Is there any newer version of khci_kinetis.c?


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