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Problem in porting kernel image build from ltib for imx233

Question asked by PRAMOD KUMAR on May 22, 2013
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hello friends,

I got the following kernel and u-boot image after successful build of LTIB for imx233.


✔ kernel image gets from LTIB /rootfs/boot

     ➢ Bootable_kernel                    2.3MB

     ➢                2.3MB

     ➢                     2.3MB

     ➢ UImage                                2.3MB

     ➢ ZImage                                 2.3MB


✔ U-Boot image gets from LTIB

     ➢                  111.9KB

     ➢                       111.8KB

     ➢ u-boot.bin                                96.5KB


I try all these images but board does not response and H0x80501003 shows on the hercules terminal  while i had downloaded olimax kernel image for IMX233 i.e Linux-alarm-2.6.35-6-ARCH.img  which works properly.

Method i am using for porting :

1. Insert the card reader to the Linux host.

2. Un-mount the card reader, i.e. 'sudo umount /dev/sdb1'

3. run fdisk, 'sudo fdisk /dev/sdb'

4. Press 'p' to show the partitions on the card

5. Press 'd' to delete a partition. Repeat to remove all partitions

6. Press 'n' to create a new partition

7. Press 'p' to select the primary partition

8. Press '1' to create partition 1 on the card

9. Press Enter to start from first block

10. Type '16MB' to create the 16MB partitions

11. Press 't' to change the newly created partition type

12. Enter '53' for the new partition type

13. Press 'n' to create a second partition, select 'p'(primary), then '2'(number)

14. Press Enter to accept all default settings

15. Press 'w' to write the partitions to the card and exit the fdisk

16. Format the second partition on the SD card - run 'sudo mkfs.ext2 /dev/sdb2' command.

17. Mount the second partition on the card

18. If you do not have the mmc mounting point created yet, create one with 'sudo mkdir /mnt/mmc'

19. Run 'sudo mount /dev/sdb2 /mnt/mmc' to mount the partition as the mmc card

20. Enter the mounted sd card directory - cd /mnt/mmc

21.  cd ltib/rootfs and use cammand "Sudo cp -rpa [A-z]* /mnt/mmc 

22. Copy the boot image in sdb1 device using dd, i.e. type - 'sudo dd if=kernel image ( or others  ) of=/dev/sdb1

23. Type 'cd', 'sync' and umount sd card - 'sudo umount /dev/sdb2'

Root file system build by LTIB with Linux-alarm-2.6.35-6-ARCH.img kernel image ported properly and work but i want to use the kernel build by

LTIB so please guide us


  • Is there is a problem in porting on sd card
  • I am missing some setting etc
  • Or other issue is there




Pramod kumar