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View finder rotation task flickers screen.

Question asked by John Turnur on May 22, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2014 by cheng wu

Hello All,


In one of our application, we need to capture the video, re size it and rotates the video at 90 degree. For that we have used CSI parallel port and ov5642 camera sensor, captures the video using this camera. Then we used View finder prepossessing task and directly fed the CSI data in to IC as destination and used channel 21 to get the re-size data in to buffer. We feed this buffer in to View finder rotation task and enables VF rotation bit. It rotates the video correctly but it flickers the screen very much.we used channel 46 and 49 as rotation view finder task DMA channel. If we disable the Rotation task flickers does not happen. We are capturing the video of size 1024*768 and re-sized it to 640*480 and rotates it to 90 degree.



We are using Platform SDK V1.1 driver code of IPU. We are not using V4L2 driver for above application.


Is rotation of View finder task introduce flickering of the screen? How to resolve this issue.


Please help..