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Booting from NOR

Discussion created by shweta v on May 21, 2013

Hey Everyone,

                    I'm using MPC5125 processor board.I'm trying to load my application to flash through the serial port transfer. I'm sending the binary file of mqx application say for example helloworld example application in MQX 3.8 through serial port and written it to flash. Its been successfully transferred and written but i'm not able to boot the same. After i successfully transfer and write to flash i'm copying the flash content to SDRAM and executing the following command to boot from flash:


boot = (pointer)(_boot_addr);


Here _boot_addr would be the virtual address of __start of helloworld which can be got by the map file generated. The first issue is, i'm not able to copy the flash content to SDRAM completely its hanging, may be the file transfer  application and the helloworld application addresses are clashing.

I have set

   rom:             org = 0x00010000,

   ram:             org = 0x00400000,

in .lcf file of HELLOWORLD application with the same addresses given in the project setting in Linker section of Generate ROM img. and generating 1 binary file(i use the same binary file for loading into flash and booting). The file transfer application is set to ram : 0x00000000. It hangs when i try to write the flash content to SDRAM.Can anyone let me where i'm going wrong?



If the above doesn't work can i use the LOAD command in the .lcf file and directly execute from NOR instead of copying it to SDRAM and executing. Can anyone let me know about the proper usage and the struct for LOAD? if anyone can offer any insight, advice, guidance or suggestions I would surely appreciate. Thanks!