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eLBC memory map

Question asked by udaya kumar on May 21, 2013
Latest reply on May 29, 2013 by Scott Wood

Can I configure eLBC memory map of P1020 as below in a same LAW:


Start address: 0x0_F0000000  ----NOR Flash start address (256MB size)

End address: 0x0_FFFFFFFF ----NOR Flash end address

Start address: 0x1_00000000  ----NAND Flash start address (2GB size)

End address: 0x1_7FFFFFFF ----NAND Flash end address


Do i need to maintain 4GB LAW size for eLBC?


I have 2GB of DDR3, 512MB PCIe, 2GB NAND, 256MB NOR and 64KB of FPGA. what could be the LAW settings for this configuration?.