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U-Boot Frame Buffer Problem upon Reboot

Question asked by Balaji Venkatachalam on May 20, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2013 by Balaji Venkatachalam

Hi all

     I am using IMX6Q Nitrogen6x Board from Boundary Devices. I have an BMP Image to be displayed onto HDMI Display, whenever u-boot starts. I have enabled BMP feature in U-Boot and a script is employed to automatically display the image when u-boot starts. When I power cycle the board (remove the power connector and plug it back), I am able to see the image. But when I issue a reboot after booting into ubuntu, and enter u-boot, this image is not getting displayed. I feel my Frame Buffer is messed up when I reboot. Has anyone come across this issue? If so, let me know how did you overcome it. Any pointers or suggestions are much appreciated. Also let me know if I should suspect HDMI registers (As per my understanding upon reboot, all hdmi registers are taken to reset state, which is same as just powered state).



The version of u-boot that I am using is the "production" branch from  boundarydevices/u-boot-imx6 · GitHub


Balaji V