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Support BINFS on SDMMC IMX53,WINCE7,  Build Failed

Question asked by Holy Yuan on May 18, 2013

I implement the BINFS on iMX53 WinCE7 follow the advice in the followting forum.

How to support MultiBIN(BINFS) on SDMMC for Freescale IMX5x WinCE 6.0/7.0 BSP -blog archive


But after override the corresponding codes follow the advice in above blog . BINFS for SDMMC ;But after I build the whole iMX53 project ,it come out "Build Failed " as follows:

Error Information:


BUILD: [02:0000014443:ERRORE] Error(s) in directory "F:\WINCE700\platform\common\src\soc\COMMON_FSL_V3\BINFS_SDCARD\SDMEMORY\".

BUILD: [02:0000014444:ERRORE] NMAKE : fatal error U1073: don't know how to make 'F:\WINCE700\osdesigns\iMX53_SMD_Mobility\Wince700\iMX53_SMD_ARMV7_Retail\cesysgen\platcomm\iMX53_SMD\lib\ARMV7\retail\binfs_sdbus.lib'



Judging from the above error prompt.

First, I thought the binfs_sdbus.lib is not compile, but I find the binfs_sdbus.lib lies in the directory:":\WINCE700\osdesigns\iMX53_SMD_Mobility\Wince700\iMX53_SMD_ARMV7_Retail\cesysgen\platcomm\iMX53_SMD\lib\ARMV7\retail\";


Second, while I rebuild (build -c) the above directory "BINFS_SDCARD", the output window will have the above error information. But when I respectively  rebuild the sub-directories of BINFS_SDCARD ( FormatFAT, SDBUS, SDCARDLIB, SDMEMORY). the four directories are all builded succeed.


The BINFS_SDCARD directory and build errors files are in the attachment.

  I find the source file and dirs file are OK.What's the matter ? A little strange, I now fully confused by this problem.

So , anyone know what the reason is? Could U share your experience here ? Great thx ~.~



Best  regards.

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