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JB422_100  : Android not loading

Question asked by Ujala Kumar on May 16, 2013

Hi all,


I am working on a custom board which is a "toned down version of SABRE -SDB".   I have downloaded the JB422_100 release and currently porting it on my custom board.  Now the board is booting successfully, kernel is also loading completly  and i can see all the relevant drivers related to my board configuration loaded successfully,   but the loading stops just before the Android loading begins.  I have tried debugging this myself  but no success as  yet.   Need help and support from the community memebers and Freescale team to get me through this stage..


Any help, guidance, lead,  support is in this regard is deeply appreciated and eagerly awaited...     Pl. find attched the Bootlog for the analyis and guidance,


warm regards,


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