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How to switch power mode to WAIT ?

Question asked by snowholgi on May 16, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2013 by Timesys Support

We do the following in our driver:

    // switch to WAIT mode

    g_pGPC->LPMR = GPC_LPMR_CLPCR(0x1);


    output("g_pGPC->PGSR=0x%x\r\n", pGPC->PGSR) ;


But pGPC->PGSR is always 0. Means previous power mode is RUN and current power mode is also RUN.

I expected that previous power mode will be 0x1 = WAIT.

Do you have an explanation?

Is there another register which we have to set before setting LPMR to 0x1 ?

Beside this, we don’t see significant power reduction during WFI.


Thanks for your help