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Cannot boot imx28evk from SD card

Question asked by swainsun on May 16, 2013

Hi Bros,


I'm a new guy of embeded dev, using i.mx28evk.


I fellow the step by step doc to config the vm, installed ubuntu 10.04 on my vmware. I downloaded the L2.6.35_10.12.01_SDK_source_bundle, and fellow the instructions of the guide doc. The ltib installed quickly, and during the ./ltib process, the required pkgs were installed and solved the mtd-utils pkg build failed issue. And normally, i used the mk_mx28_sd script write the boot stream, fs, kernel to the SD card. But error existed when i power the board on.


Here goes the error,



And attched is my config file, anyone can help me?


Thanks, thanks.

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