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CW10.4 feedback

Question asked by Carl Norman on May 15, 2013
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I am using CW4.0 on my Win7 64 machine. I use MQX3.7 and MQX4.0.


I have projects which I have imported from CW3.X and have suddenly come up with some strange things in the last couple of days (one project appears ok, most others just dont work anymore).


1. Debugger screen just went missing even though it was working yesterday... (have done full reboot, removed project and re added it, still missing). I have not re installed CW4 (although I did several times the other day when we had other issues with it which turned out to be a compiler issue)



The "Connection:" just vanished on a couple of the projects (on the main tab on the screen above). Not sure why, it did work, and I dont know how to make one properly, and im sick of finding things missing so I guess I will start from scratch..


If I have a problem programming one project (get some error during programming so it never gets to run/debug), then switch projects, you cant debug again as it says the debugger is already running. Looks like its not cleaning up after itself. Requires a full restart of CW4.


Starting large projects from scratch (due to the above issues) is a real pain. One of the most annoying things is the 30 path's that all need individual adding. I have requested this gets fixed ever since we moved to eclipse, which is now years and half a dozed releases.


Check it out: Is it really that hard to make a check list so you can just tick which folders are included in the path? or a recursive option?




There also is a problem with two projects with same launch configuration names (totally different project names, but both share MC4P as the .elf and launch config. I had one project debugging the other project for a day without realising (as I was soak testing). When I cleaned the unrelated project I thought it was loading based on the software output, then BOOM, the project I was debugging would no longer program with the flash programmer console output finishing saying "Flash programmer file empty" just after the erase cycle, and that 0x00000000 to 0x0007FFFF was not in range or something. I meant to copy and paste the log from the programmer but forgot, sorry. Also, I manually pointed to the correct elf, and tried saying search project and both had the same result, it was using the elf from a totally different project.