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Code Warrior 5.7

Question asked by FABIO FUMAGALLI on May 15, 2013
Latest reply on May 21, 2013 by Pascal Irrle


    to last week for my little project I work with CW 5.7 SE upgraded and DEMO9S08QG8 for programming all devices in assembly and all working correctly without problems.

Now I jump to C language and the limitation of the C code is 16k and my programs is too big.

I install the CW 6.3 version in win XP but have the conflict with the 5.7 version; I uninstall the 5.7 version but the 6.3 version don't work.

My questions are:

- where is my error because in the 6.3 version installation are not present errors?

- what is the other possibilities for go on with my program because I stopped for this limitation?


In theory, the CW 6.3 SE is good for me because I use only the 9s08 family and I think that 64k of C code is sufficient for my use.


Thanks in advance