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MX25, GPT Interrupt

Question asked by Eric Kang on May 15, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2013 by Eric Kang

Dear Freescale,
I have a question for GPT Interrupt.

For this, I configured the GPT Interrupt like as below,
- used GPT : GPT2
- Interrupt Period : 100usec
- Interrupt Pin : MX25_PIN_GPIO_D

So I expected that the interrupt pin will be toggled with 100usec period.
But the result was strange based on ISR.
- with ISR : Abnormal Operation
- without ISR : Normal Operation

Could you tell me what's the problem?

For your more understanding, I'll attach the modified/added files.
- Kernel
   . arch/arm/mach-mx25/clock.c
     : add GPT2 clock (survey "Eric" in the code)
- Driver
   . mx25_gpt_interrupt_driver.c
     : GPT Interrupt Test driver
     : GPT ISR in the code
       #if 1 // GPT Interrupt ISR - No.ISR = Normal / OK.ISR = Ab-normal
       /* GPT ISR register */
       setup_irq(irq, &mxc_timer_irq_kicc);
- captured Wave
   . Normal : Normal-Without_GPT_ISR.jpg
   . Abnormal : Abnormal-With_GPT_ISR.jpg

Best Regards,

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