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ADC ADC_CHANNEL_MEASURE_LOOP doesn't seem to work

Question asked by LPs on May 15, 2013
Latest reply on May 20, 2013 by LPs

Hi all,

   I'm trying using MQX ADC driver. I installed it with these parameters


// Struttura di inizializzazione del canale ADC utilizzato per i tasti freccia
const ADC_INIT_CHANNEL_STRUCT g_keyboardADCInitParams = 
    KEYBOARD_ADC_CHANNEL, // physical ADC channel

    ADC_CHANNEL_MEASURE_ONCE | ADC_CHANNEL_START_NOW, // free running samples starts after fopen 
    KEYBOARD_ADC_N_SAMPLES,             // number of samples in one run sequence 
    0,         // time offset from trigger point in us 
    KEYBOARD_ADC_PERIOD,         // period in us () 
    0x10000,         // scale range of result (not used now) 
    KEYBOARD_ADC_N_SAMPLES,             // circular buffer size (sample count) 
    ADC_PDB_TRIGGER,     // logical trigger ID that starts this ADC channel 
    KEYBOARD_ARROWS_EVENT // mask of event to be set 


In that way all is working, but if I change the flags to ADC_CHANNEL_MEASURE_LOOP the event is triggered once and after the first conversion no more event is set.


What I'm doing wrong?