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PE in 10.4, how to get Component Inspector to show port?

Question asked by Thomas Dowad on May 14, 2013
Latest reply on May 15, 2013 by Thomas Dowad

I created a new bareboard project, with PE enabled. PTA was initially configured with the TSI (I did nothing to cause this, it just came up that way). I needed to use some PTA pins for GPIOs, so I added the GPIO init component. This apparently worked and I was able to set the initialization parameters for PTA GPIOs. But the TSI was still there (for the other pins I presume) and so the icon inside the PTA box (on the chip graphic) displays a blue circle with some dots on it. The software knows there are multiple components for that port. Here's the problem. On all other ports, I can click on the box/graphic (on the chip graphic) and the component inspector will show the component. But for this one port where there are two components, it won't do that. No change. I have been searching menus for another way to select PTA but cannot find it.

So need a way to select a component in Component Inspector, other than clicking on the chip graphic.