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imx6 and gstreamer: does anyone know how to set the color balance?

Question asked by bateman cai on May 14, 2013
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does anyone know how to set the color balance based imx6 & gstreamer?

(setting the video "CONTRAST" " BRIGHTNESS" and so on)

I try 3 way to test the pipeline "videobalance" as belowing:


1, use the default value of videobalance:

.....! vpudec ! videobalance  ! mfw_isink....

test result : every thing goes well.


2. static way to set the videobalance (no default value)

.....! vpudec ! videobalance brightness=0.5 contrast=1.1 ! mfw_isink....

test result: high cpu loading(about 60% in one of cpu core), and the fps of the playing video is very low.

3. Dynamic way to set the videobalance based on gstreamer C api.

as the URI show

test result:

     a) goes well in my ubuntu PC.

     b) in imx6: it can play the webm source based HTTP profile. but when setting the "contrast" "brightness" of video, it fail !

          and tell some error!

dear all and fsl people, would you pls help to give some advices.what i Actually need is : I s there any way to set the colorbalance(contrast and brightness) of video or the whole screen?  (beside of gstreamer function, is there other way to set the colorbalance?)

thanks so much!