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Problems with demo web_hvac

Question asked by simonepuschmann on May 14, 2013
Latest reply on May 21, 2013 by simonepuschmann

I try to run the demo web_hav, but I am not able to see the webpage


I am using

- a TWR-K60D100 Tower Modul

- code warrior 10.3 eva

- MQX 4.0


I import the project


#define DEMOCFG_ENABLE_RTCS                      1


When I debugging I can see that in the procedure HVAC_initialize_networking()

- the ipcfg_bind_staticip is ok

- httpd_server_run(server) is ok


I have set the jumper as described in the user manual document.

When I checked the LAN connection in Window 7, I see correct IP address

but when I try to see the web page in the browser (firefox) I get an error message.

Has somebody an idea what's going wrong. I try the whole day and could not find the reason.

There is another thing I don't understand.

As soon as I activate the shell, the other tasks are not running. I never reached the breakpoints in the other tasks.