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I cannot interrupt (stop) U-Boot on P2020

Question asked by Bagher Afsharian on May 14, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2013 by Heinz Wrobel

Hi there,


I work with P2020RDB-PCA platform which has a P2020E processor. The main problem is that I cannot stop the U-Boot (the primary boot). I am sure that the communication line is established correctly, because I have the same board and works well with the same communication line (UART0 to USB). I use the putty (Baud rate : 115200, Data bit : 8, Parity : None, Stop bits : 1, Flow control : None) and the putty and the pc has the same configuration for both P2020 platforms. I do not what is the problem? and where does it come from? I should say that the board which cannot load the U-Boot, can still load the image from TFTP communication line and I think all the functions works except serial port in one direction. I tried the UART1 port but the serial communication cannot be stablished (I read that jumper on the board set for UART0 for loading U-Boot). Is there anything inside the BIOS that probably is changed? Is there any way to upgrade or flash the BIOS to turn all the setting as default?


Thanks for any suggestions.