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SPI Interrrupts

Question asked by Dave Miller on Jul 11, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2007 by Bob Simpson
Hello All,
My project uses the 56F8323 and Codewarrior for the DSC56F00\E. 
I am trying to setup the SPI port to be fully interrupt driven.  Using the PE SPI Bean it seems pretty straight forward.  In fact right now I have an Interrupt drivien transmit routine.  I need to go to the next level to finish my transimission sequence.  I need to know when the shift register is actually done sending the data.  I don't see an Event in the Bean.  I also have reviewed chapter 14 in the Peripheral User Manul and I don't see a flag or an Interrupt that lets you know when the shift register is complete. 
My issue is the particular SPI device I am talking to does not latch the data until the SS pin is raised.  so right now I have to start a timer loop that waits an estimated amount of time for the shift register to be done then raise the SS line manually.
I would like to have an INT (or at least be able to poll a flag) that tells me the shift register is done then raise the SS line.
Any ideas?