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Uploading firmware / .s19 file to blank MC9S12C64 MCU

Question asked by tmbryhn on May 13, 2013

Hi everyone!


I'm pretty new to Freescale, and have never worked with their MCU's before, but a problem that came to me gave me no choice;


I accidentally fried an MC9S12C64 MCU yesterday. I'm experienced with SMD soldering, so I have decided to remove and solder a new unit to my board:


I also have the firmware / .s19 file that is supposed to be loaded to the MCU, but as far as I have noticed, this is impossible to upload via ie. RS232 without a bootloader stored in the MCU memory or a BDM unit. The actual firmware /.s19 is supposed to be loaded via the RS232 through an automated .bat-file, but this won't work with a blank MCU straight off the shelf.


I recon I would start off buying a USBDM programmer. Would this one work - It seem like good value to me for a one-time repair job:

Freescale Debugger Programmer for RS08 HCS08 HCS12 Coldfire V1 BDM Isolator | eBay


Now what? I got the MCU, the USBDM and the .s19 file / complete firmware.

Where do I go from here? In the there is also a SerialMonitor.DEF-file that looks like this:




; $Id: S12SerMon2r1.def,v 1.4 2010-10-01 00:32:46 jsmcortina Exp $




.equ EEpromStart,     0x0000          ;eeprom start (no EEprom)

.equ EEpromEnd,       0x0000          ;eeprom End

.equ RamStart,        0x3000          ;first RAM location

.equ FlashBlks,       0x01            ;# of flash blks

.equ SectorSize,      0x0400          ;Flash sector size

.equ LowestPage,      0x3C            ;lowest page

.equ PagesBlk,        0x04            ;pages per block




Is it enough to upload this file using ie. the USBDM unit mentioned above to get the uC ready for uploading the firmware via RS232?

How do i upload using the USBDM and what software do you recommend?



I know that I might have missed out on a lot of information, but I need to start somewhere, right?


Thank you.