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About Kinetis K60, EMC and EMI's

Question asked by Santiago Ribas Roca on May 10, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2013 by vicentegomez

Hi all,


At my company we decided to change our project microcontroller (Silicon Labs 8051F120) due to the high level of emissions produced and that makes us practically impossible to obtain CE certification for Class B domestic environment.


Since we had already decided to migrate to a 32-bit microcontroller, we are evaluating the possibility of using the Freescale K60 or K61 for its RTOS (MQX) and free development tools (CodeWarrior).


However, to measure the level of emissions from its evaluation board TWR-K60N512 we found that also produces some peaks up to 10 dB higher than required, and the EMC radiated emissions declared in its datasheet are relatively high (Radiated emissions voltage, band 3 150–500 MHz = 29 dBμV) when the limits for this band are between 30 and 37 dBμV/m.


It is possible that the evaluation board has not been designed with a view to minimizing the EMI's, but it's too scary to fall into the hands of a very noisy microcontroller.


Does anyone have experience working with this microcontroller and has passed the certification of EMC according to EN 50491-5-2:2010?


Best regards and thank you very much