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Code Warrior 10.3, MQX stuck on break point issue

Question asked by rick101 on May 10, 2013
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Updated 15/05/2013.... After further testing, I've corrected the problem description and changed the post title from ".... single step debugging issue" to "...stuck on break point issue" to more reflect the problem, there is a work around..see below.


I have a trial of Code Warrior 10.3 for the Power Architecture (Not MCU) for windows and am trying to get the USB Tap debugger to work correctly.


The processor is a QorIQ P1025 on a TWR-P1025 development board running the MQX RTOS.


The issue is as follows: -

I can single step through the code during kernel initialisation, but went the operating system is started, I cannot single step through my application code? However, break points work, local, global variables report correctly. To get passed a break point I must first disable it, then press run?.

During kernel initialisation I can run to break points, step over break points, select resume etc all seems to work okay.

After MQX kernel initialisation i.e. running my application code, now when I hit a break point, I cannot step over, step into, or select resume, the debugger stays on the same line. However, if I disable or remove the break point, I can step over, step into and select the resume functions.

So disabling the break point is a work around.

I’ve gone through and modded the emulator *.tcl file, disable parts in kernel initialisation but no joy.


This thread, even though it’s for MCU version of code warrior did imply that version 10.2 may work? I’ll summit  a support request and try and get an old version but.......

I've tried version 10.2, this makes no difference  


Any ideas / pointers / oversights would be very welcome?



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