Anthony Huereca

Tower Board Storage Solutions

Discussion created by Anthony Huereca Employee on May 10, 2013

As tower board users, you might have started to collect quite a few of them and need a way to conveniently store them. As an engineer for Freescale, I have a LOT of boards I've collected over the years. So I wanted to share a solution I came up with the Tower community.



Two CD Tray Holders

30-pack Slim CD Jewel Cases


Take off the clear half of the jewel case, and then you have a slider that goes into every other slot of the CD holder. You can write the board name with a Sharpie on plastic, though it's slightly hard to read when using the clear plastic. I thought about adding some LEDs at the bottom for lighting, but figured that might be a little too overboard The green board in the photo is one of the very first tower prototypes from 2009.


Another alternative is a tower of tower boards made from wood. My manager created this for some of us as he's good with woodworking. I spray painted it red. It'd be a good weekend project if you're into that.




Anyone have some other good storage solutions? Any ideas for something to conveniently carry tower boards in a bag or suitcase that would be thinner than the original tower boxes?