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Unable to boot latest Android i.MX 6 Q SABRE Platform image

Question asked by Doug Schwanke on May 10, 2013
Latest reply on May 10, 2013 by Doug Schwanke
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I downloaded the latest image IMX6_DQ_SDP_SD_DEMO_IMAGE (MX6Q-SDP-Android_r13.4.1.exe).


Since there are no install instructions, I just ran the executable on my WINXP system.  After

burning the images onto a 16G SD card, I plugged the card into my platform and applied power.  The image

does not boot and I do not see any UART activity.  Plugging in the original SD card that came with our system works.


-  Is there anything I need to know about prior to running the EXE such as format? 

-  Are there any limitations as to what type of card I can use to boot with (8G, HC, SANDISK-only)?