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Linker warning after RAM section creation

Question asked by Gopal Narayana on May 9, 2013
Latest reply on May 10, 2013 by Gopal Narayana

Requirement: to create a RAM section and place it a specific memory location, for MPC5606B (very simple!)


Tools used: CW, LCF file, TRK-MPC5606B evaluation board


Sample code:

#pragma push

#pragma section sdata_type ".myRamData" ".myRamData"

extern unsigned char myU8Data; /*prototype */

unsigned char myU8Data; /*definition*/

#pragma pop




    boot_flash:           org = 0x00000000,   len = 0x00010000

    interrupts_flash:     org = 0x00010000,   len = 0x00010000

    internal_flash:       org = 0x00020000,   len = 0x00060000

    add_data_flash:       org = 0x00080000,   len = 0x00000100

    add_code_flash:       org = 0x00080100,   len = 0x00000100

    internal_ram:         org = 0x40000000,   len = 0x00007B00

    add_data_ram:         org = 0x40007B00,   len = 0x00000100

    stack_ram:            org = 0x40007C00,   len = 0x0400






  .myRamData (DATA) : {} > add_data_ram




Result: The result is good as I am able to see the section created in MAP file (see below)

.myRamData section layout

  Starting        Virtual  File

  address  Size   address  offset


  00000000 000001 40007b00 00000358  1 .myRamData     main.o

  00000000 000001 40007b00 00000358  1 myU8Data     main.o


Problem faced:

However a Linker warning is issued as follows:

Overlap of the ROM image address of .myRamData section with executable address of .text_vle section.

Project: LINFlex_LIN_Example.mcp, Target: LINFlex_LIN-flash

How to remove this warning.


P.S: If you already guessed it, then yes you are correct, I am using the example workspace for LIN that comes along with the EVB.


Thanks in advance.